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3rd September 2014


QiGong 40 Day Challenge Day 29 Reading List

Just thought I’d share a quick list of books I am reading in compliment to my QiGong Practice.

Instant Health: The Shaolin Qigong Workout for Longevity by Shifu Yan Lei.

The Roots of Chinese Qigong:  Secrets for Health, Longevity and Enlightenment by Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming.

The Yellow Emporer’s Classic of Medicine by Maoshing Ni, PH.D.

I am also supplementing my practice by reading ShifuYanLei’s blog and learning about Mindfulness in the Audiobook series called ‘Abiding In Mindfulness’.

3rd September 2014


QiGong 40 Day Challenge Day 29

Even though I’ve not been blogging I have indeed been doing QiGong.  In the last 11 days I have practised some form of QiGong everyday and had a total of 3 days off.

I decided to start switching up my QiGong to keep it interesting so have tried to start using The Way of Qigong beginners DVD as well as Shi Xinggui’s Energy In Motion DVD.

I found that I need to practice The Way Of Qigong beginner DVD with more focus as it is less repetitive and more demanding.  It is the original Shaolin Ba Duan Jin form.  I have also taken note of the meditation aspect of Qigong and started to meditate more often.  The Ba Duan Jin for can be done as a whole only when you have learned each movement.  So far I am trying my best to practice Kai Gong Shi movements but my legs feel weak holding the Ma Bu stances.  The Tui Tian Shi movement is coming along nicely which I just need to memorise.

I have been reading the Instant Health; The Shaolin Qigong Workout For Longevity and gotten to the part about stances.  In order for me to master the Ma Bu stance I must practice everyday and I’m thinking of taking up jogging to build strength in my legs.  My static stamina is not very good.  I find my heart is in the right place but my body will not follow.  My legs start to shake especially during the Kai Gong Shi exxercise in The Way of Qigong.

I have set myself another personal goal to learn the Sholin Ba Duan Jin which will take diligence and dedication beyond this 40 day personal challenge.

With regards to my 40 day challenge I think I am ‘getting there’ when it comes to practicing QiGong regularly.  I must persist to keep it up for the remainder of my challenge.  I am also deciding to try post regular blogs about my challenge but must let you know that I am now concentrating most my efforts on Shaolin Ba Duan Jin from now on.  Any extra QiGong will be accounted for also.

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23rd August 2014


QiGong 40 Day Challenge Day18

Practised The Way of QiGong warm up exercises and the Tuo Tian Shi exercise today.  Also read up to Chapter 13 in The Longevity book.  Did a few weights at my friends too. Didn’t feel like I did much QiGong today so gonna try do more practice over the next few days before a day off.

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22nd August 2014


QiGong 40day challenge Day17

Practiced half hour of Shi Xinggui Shaolin QiGong Energy In motion in the morning.
Practiced Shi Xinggui “Wisdom of a Shaolin Monk 10 Exercises for Harmony, Health and Vitality” after lunch. I love the exercise on one leg quite challenging and gooď for balance. I also like the affirmations involved with the exercises.
Still got to memorise the Shaolin Power Exercises and read ShifuYanLei’ book.

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21st August 2014


QiGong 40daychallenge Day16

Practiced Shi Xinggui Shaolin QiGong Energy In Motion for half an hour. Was thirsty afterwards so as I put the kettle on I skimmed through the movements in my head and then made my green tea. When I sat down with my tea I flicked through the book to find out I had missed a few exercises in my head but got most of them in the right sequence too. I couldn’t remember the exact movements for the Shaolin Power Exercises though. Something I will need to remember more and more each time I practice.
Followed by doing a Water Qi Meditation while waiting for my green tea to cool.

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20th August 2014

Post with 2 notes

QiGong 40daychallenge Day15 cont.

I’ve read Instant Health:  The Shaolin QiGong Workout For Longevity by shifu Yan Lei up to Part Three Chapter Eleven.  I have learned the fundamental training instruction and about my Shifu in the first Two Parts of the book. I made some notes from the last 3 Chapters:

QiGong as a form of Meditation.

Use natural abdominal breathing.

Pause 3 breaths between each main movement = regulate and connect with breathing.

The body may feel tensed (posture) for a while but after practicing often it will feel relaxed.

"Simply standing straight can help to increase positive feelings."

Important to focus first before training.  Dedictae this time to your practice.

(Paraphrased): Five hearts become one with practice - Shaolin Teaching.

Five Hearts:

1.  Heart of Belief:  ”Use your mind and heart to believe.”

2.  Heart of Concentration:  ”Focus mind and heart with body.”

3.  Heart of Loyalty:  ”Be loyal to your practice.  Use your willpower to develop belief and focus.”

4.  Heart of Peace:  ”Make your mind and body peaceful so you can understand yourself.  Enjoy yourself without desire.”

5.  Heart of Skill:  ”Become everything you do.  Enjoy the moment.”

"Let your life become meditation."

I am under the impression that I will become more peaceful through regular practice.

If you would like more info on the book then please visit

20th August 2014


I shot this photo at Bolton Market sometime in 2013.  I wanted to capture the women to the left juxtaposed to my main subject.  I find that culture differences are something appealing to my eye.  I am mainly British culturally but I find other cultures interesting even if I don’t know much about them.

I shot this photo at Bolton Market sometime in 2013.  I wanted to capture the women to the left juxtaposed to my main subject.  I find that culture differences are something appealing to my eye.  I am mainly British culturally but I find other cultures interesting even if I don’t know much about them.

20th August 2014


Blog Challenge Personal Challenge

Going to challenge myself to write one blog post per week on my photography blog.  Also saying as I have made my tumblr more personal and I still want to use it for my photography (as well as other interests) I have to use my Tumlbr at least once per day for the next 90 days at least.

I want to form a habit of getting productive online instead of spending my time on facebook and twitter.

20th August 2014


QiGong 40daychallenge 2 Week Review

Feeling like qigong is beneficial to my daily life. It helps with my energy levels. It helps with my digestion, breathing, and I feel it helps with mental well being.  An obvious benefit is that I’m slowly getting fitter too.

So I’ve basically done QiGong for two weeks now.  What have I learned?

Well I learned that the forms you can eventually memorise are a lot easier to follow by watching the instructor even if you’re not getting the head movement the same because you are always watching what to do next.  I also learned that you have to concentrate on breathing, movement, speed, coordination and also the names of the movements when given.

QiGong is actually really fun!!  I learned this for sure.  I look forward to practising qigong everyday and am going to do it as often as I can from now on.

Qi is a complicated subject.  There is a lot of information about Qi and QiGong.  While some of it is similar a lot of different types of QiGong are out there.  Also  I learned that some QiGong practitioners learn a lot of theory and implement internal stuff with their training but I also learned that QiGong should be practised with little knowledge of complicated theory and internal stuff.

So in the following weeks I will be reading the rest of Shfiu Yan Lei’s book ‘Instant Helath: The Shaolin QiGong Workout For Longevity’.  And to follow up from the book I will be practising the DVD as it is more demanding than Shi Xinggui’s Shaolin QiGong Energy In Motion.

My aim is to increase fitness levels and to learn the original Ba Duan Jin form.  I will still practise Shi Xinggui’s DVD in order to make up for days when I have less time to devote or if I am feeling drained.

Will continue to finish each session with a qi meditation by Dr. Maoshing Ni.

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20th August 2014


Just a snapshot from Shi Xinggui’ book Shaolin QiGong Energy In Motion.

Just a snapshot from Shi Xinggui’ book Shaolin QiGong Energy In Motion.

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20th August 2014


QiGong 40Day Challenge day15

Practised Energy in Motion dvd followed by a qi meditation. Felt a bit drained today. Probably cause I’d had two days off and did a few weights at my friends yesterday.
Read a chapter of the Shaolin Qigong Workout For Longevity the other day and read up to the qi breathing chapter on Sunday. Planning to read more today and to write a review for my progress so far.

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19th August 2014

Post with 2 notes

QiGong 40 Day Challenge days11, 12, 13 & 14

Day 11: Practised Energy in Motion dvd followed with Creating Heat Qi Meditation.
Day 12: Disengaged from practise began reading The Roots Of Chinese Qigong by Yang Jwing ming.
Day 13: Day off. Did some more reading.
Day 14: Practised Energy in Motion dvd followed with an Earth Element Qi Meditation. Did some additional upper body exercises at my friends place with dumbells.

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15th August 2014


QiGong 40 Day Challenge day10

Practised 1 hour of Energy in Motion today followed by the Heat Clearing Meditation of Qi Meditations. Possibly thinking of doing more QiGong in my days now. I want to make myself stronger and so doing more qigong will help with that. Still need to do a review of my progress and plan ahead. I’m only a quarter way through my challenge. Another 75% to go.

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14th August 2014


QiGong 40 Day Challenge day9

Practised approximately 1 hour QiGong today. I actually screwed up part way through Sho Xinggui QiGong Short Form. My concentration drifted off some place and I caught myself over moving when I was supposed to change direction with my arms.
Didn’t do a Qi Meditation today so gonna make up for mistakes tomorrow.

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13th August 2014


QiGong 40 Day Challenge day8 

Today I practised half hour of Energy In Motion and also the new dvd I got from Amazon. Energy In Motion seems to be more demanding physically and the new dvd by Shi Xinggui is different but contain a few similar exercises. I enjoyed the Introductory section.

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